Google Agile events calendar

A few years ago I launched the google agile conferences calendar. This calendar allows you to see all agile conferences in your own calendar.  It is maintained by 62 people.

More and more people were interested in adding also smaller events.
Smaller events are  interesting for local people and for people that are at one moment in a country and want to look what is happening.
[The definition of event is < smaller 1 day.] For that I created the google agile events calendar:

This is maintained by the same 62 people.

This works fine if you want to see it in your agenda.
If you are interested in seeing where are events on a map, you should check out ConfRadar.

This website shows the conferences map based. It also allows you to download a specific conference to your own calendar. (using iCall)
ConfRadar works with tags and allows you to even receive notification when someone add’s a conference with the same tag.

The direct link is here: