Family resources

Family Resources

Saturday morning I as a taxi-resource, drive our family football -resource to his match.
At the same time my co taxi-resource, is bringing our musical-resource to his music class.
While he is in this class, the other taxi-resource goes back to our home and then 30 minutes later brings our gymnastics-resource to the gymnastics class.

Then she goes back home and another 30 minutes later she brings the musical-resource back home. Another 30 minutes the gymnastic-resource is ready to come home.

By that time the football match is over and this taxi-resource goes home or the football resource is brought home by another taxi-resource from a non-colocated football teammember.

In the afternoon we bring to scouting resources to the local scouting, the scouting resources are in fact the same as the football-resource and the musical-resource. (Yet in a different roles so we look at them as another resource.)

Do you like my idea of talking about my family as in resources?

I HATE it. My kids are not resources, neither is my wife or me.

Next time you talk about people as a resource, think about your kids. When you are ready to call your kids a resource, then you can talk about me as a human resource.

(The management version of that line is: when you call your people resources, be prepared they call you management overhead.)