How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People

They recommend the Producing Open Source software book.

Most important aspect of open source project:
Attention and Focus of your community


  • OCD are:
    • Perfectionist
    • People obsessed with the process
  • Paint in the  bikeshit: the amount of discussion for a feature is inversially proposional to it’s complexity (similar to the fourth law of parkinson)
  • Commit e-mails are the best way to have people realize what others people are working on
  • Do large changes in branches
  • they mention the busfactors
  • Don’t let people add their names to the top of the source-code
    • the health of your community is more important then any feature or bug fix
  • Even founders can be booted
  • If you find yourself voting on everything, something is wrong
  • It’s good to have bad and good cops in your community
  • Everybody wants to write code, but who wants to sit down and discuss the design with…
  • I’ll let you see the code when I’m done. It’s ok, I’m willing to press the delete key when you are done.
  • Patches welcome is a nice way to say screw yourself.
  • Learn to divorce yourself from the argumentation
  • Is it going to help the project?
  • Are they distracting the project right now?

Thing that make a heatlthy open source community

  • have a mission
    • this insures that your community have a focus
  • Mailing list etiquette
  • Document your project history
    • Design mistakes
    • Bug fixes
    • Mistakes
  • Have healthy code-collaboration policies
  • Have well defined process
  • Maintain calm and stand your ground