Pair Programming is Like SEX 2.0

Last version of my PairProgramming is like sex presentation.

This presentation was first created as a presentation for students. As they loved the title I kept it. As I don’t want to offend people, the second slide of this presentation I ask the people why they think PairProgramming is like sex.

This is what today’s participants came up with:

  • It’s more fun with 2 (more people)
  • Share feelings warm & cuddle
  • Build knowledge really fast
  • Can make you sick if not done right
  • Discuss what works/what not
  • 2 have more idea’s
  • Requires mutual consent to do it

One thing I added:

You can’t learn it from a book.

You can read the AHA wall on flickr (check for the tags to read the post it’s)

Questions that came up during the course :

  • Can you PP over skype?
  • Do we need somebody to ‘supervise’ the way you do PP ? (Esp in the beginning?)
  • What if there’s no option posibility to use some OS/Computer
  • What to do if there is a conflict between the two, a discussion??
  • It can’t work with any type of character, how do you manage?
  • What if one uses AZERTY and another one QWERTY keyboard?
  • Doesn’t it make it harder to plan a project or resources people (Yves reframed resources to people)
  • Can someone do PP with 1 person and PP for something else with another person?
  • Can you get into “the zone” when you’re PP-ing?
  • Does Promiscuous Pairing kill the flow? (30′ interupts)
  • Why not use PP all of the time?
  • PP= More talking
    =more annoying for other nearby teams?
  • Do you plan who is going to do what or how do you choose whose turn it is?
  • Can you do PP with > 2 people?
  • How do you handle the “Don’t care”?

I answered all these questions during the course, I’m interested to hear your answer.