How to give feedback

I have been using the perfection game since 2003/2004. I find it one of the better ways to give feedback to people. (It’s also one of the most popular searched item on my blog.)

The biggest feedback I got, is that he perfection game makes people think of perfectionism. Which is not the intention. I know that perfectionism blocks people. I don’t want this link block people from trying this feedback technique.

So I ‘m starting an experiment.

For the next months, I will talk about:the improvement game.

this is the syntax:

I want play an improvement game on what you did.

What I like:

– I liked x
– I liked y
– I find z amazing

To make it even better/ What would improve it:

– I would like to see W
– I think removing A would be a good addition

(These changes are worth 3out of 10 for me.)

The improvement game is based on the perfection game. Part of the Core Protocols.

Update: I stopped using the scoring, I noticed that it keeps confusing people. I did some experiments with ways how people can talk about the value the improvements give them. I concluded,  I don’t worry too much about what it’s worth the me. The most important part is telling people idea’s on how to improve. It’s then up to the receiver to decide what parts to adres and what not.