What will you read in 2011?

How do you look at reading?

– When my 8 year old is annoying, I ask him to do something useful, like reading.

– When I am reading a business book, some people look at me as if I am doing something useless.

Reading books is a habit that takes a long time to develop. I’m not talking about the skills to read. I’m talking about getting used to pick up a book where ever you are. I read at least 10 pages a day in a book.  That is 3650 pages a year. People ask me all the time, how do you have the time? I don’t. I TAKE the time. I read books, anywhere I can.

I’m convinced we all read much more then people twenty years ago;
– status messages on twitter and facebook
– your daily tons of email
– blog posts
– On- or offline newspaper
– Your favorite magazine(s)

So it’s not about finding the time to read, it’s about choosing what to read. If you are reading that many things, you can read a few books a year. If you can’t read 10 pages a day, start with 1 page a day, right now

have fun reading