1/2 day of free coaching

I have been working as a freelance consultant since 1998. Most of the time I have been working through so called third party companies. Working via such a companies has advantages for all parties. Some of the nicest work I have done under the umbrella of other companies. Although there are some charlatans in that world, most are honest and I have nothing against working with them.

As an agile coach, I want to leave a client as fast as possible. My business model is to help a client to become independent of me ASAP. My end clients love this model. The third parties hate it. They are used to selling a consultant for a longer period, 1 client at the time.
For some clients it is NOT in there best interest to have a coach on board full time. This gives a conflict of interest between the third parties and the end client.

From the first of January I am again available for coaching possibilities. After working 14 months outside Belgium, I will focus my work the next year inside Belgium. As I hope to find more clients that are interested in my business model I have created next offer:

– 1/2 day of free coaching


Acceptance criteria:

– First two weeks of January

– Maximum 4 hours free.

– Maximum 100 km away from Ghent

– a new client (if you are an old client, contact me to find an offer targetted at you.)

– until my agenda is full


1) Yves, that sound like a good idea: what will do you in these 4 hours?

Good question: have a look at this list of examples

Retrospective with a team (Preparation, facilitate retrospective, debrief)

– Observe your team (1 hour Preparation meeting, 2 hour observation, debrief)

– 4 coaching sessions Face 2 Face of 1 hour (grouped together)

– 4 * 1 coaching session by phone or chat if your company or you live more then 100 km away from Ghent), these can be scheduled independent from each other.

– Feel free to come up with your own idea.

2) Yves, Will you take all requests you receive?

– As long as I have room in my agenda the first 2 weeks in January I will.

3) How can I contact you?

send a mail to offer at hanoulle .be

4) Will you give an example of a coaching sessions?

CEO of a small company that wants to do a Value Stream map.

– Developers that want to become a linchpin.

– An R & D manager that goes agile and wants to have an outside view of how things are going..

Scrum masters or Product Owners that want to move faster with their team.

– A test manager looking at how agile can help them increase quality.

– Operational manager wondering what this Devops  movement is all about.

– People in charge of Incentive or training programs that want to understand agile.

– anyone in IT that wants to experience how coaching can help him or her.

– …

5) What is not part of the offer?

I don’t offer free training. The closest thing to free training, are my slides on slideshare