19 Non-IT books at my desk

The most popular item on my blog is the book list I made at Agile 2010.
As I read a lot of books, I wondered what other booklist could I make. I try to read at least one book every month that has nothing to do with IT. At this moment I am preparing a 2 day leadership course, although I have lots of agile, and IT books on my desk, these are the non IT one’s I have at my desk:

The 7 habits of effective people

Speed of Trust

The Black Swan


The Goal

A Sense of Urgency


The paradox of Choice

Getting Things Done


Training From the back of the room

The Five dysfunction of a team

How the brain learns to read

Implementing Beyond Budgeting

Open Space technology

This is your brain on music (for the late David ‘Dude’ Hussman this was a must read book)




As any list, this list is not complete, I even think it is very biased in one direction (I feel that all these books could reference each other) What books do you think I should add?