My talk at Agile Tour Bordeaux 2010: Tips for creating a self-organizing team

Just as last year, I talked today at Agile Tour Bordeaux (Last year I did Toronto, Bordeaux, Geneve) It was a nice challenge to do 67 slides in 90 minutes.

A BIG thank you to the organizers, I loved being here. (I seem to be only invited by great organizers.)

As always these free conferences are only possible thanks to the sponsors. I was nice to see so many people from my current client that wanted to learn more about agile.

I was especially impressed with Yaal, a small consultancy company where everyone was at Agile Tour Bordeaux. Now that is dedication to agile.

I also did two Open Space sessions:

One about, the other about Coaching Circle (contact me if you want to know more about this one)

Here is the current link for the hourglasses.

Update: If you were at my talk at Agile Tour Bordeaux please rate the talk