Agile 2010 Booklist

At Agile Coach Camp Germany 2010, Marc Bless walked around and asked participants: which one book should I read. The result was this list.

As I liked this idea a lot, I did the same at Agile 2010. Only I did not say “what is the one book I should read.” Actually I asked people to give me one name of a book to put on the list. Some people asked me what the list was for (suprisingly not everyone) I gave a diversity of answers to that question (hoping for a diversity in books).

These were some of the answers I gave:

– the one book that I should read
– the one book that everyone in agile should have read
– the one book that changed your life
– the book you think is missing in this list
– …

I only had 2 rules:

– Only one book
– It can’t be on the list already

This is the list they put together:

When I write this blog post, I am very happy about the list, it contains a lot of books I like, it contains books I have sitting on my shelve waiting to read and it contains books I did not know  and look promissing…

And that while I found three book at my clients office today that should have arrived before my holiday and a kindle 3 on his  way to become mine, life is good…

Update: Thanks to JB’s comment  I now have a nicer view to these books: