John Seddon why controlling costs makes cost higher

Cultural change is free from Mindfields College on Vimeo.

John Seddon explains why targets make organisations worse and controlling costs makes costs higher.
This elegant dissection of the organisational madness that pervades our culture was given at the 2009 conference of the Human Givens Institute.
Target Obsession Disorder laid bare.

Very funny speaker, that makes me thinking about my work as a coach.
Most used word: it’s absurt
– you want someone to do a good job, design a good job
– Electricity and telephone is the same, except in one you don’t tough the wire
– this is how change in the public sector is done:ideological, not emprical and wrong
– cost is not in activity, cost is in flow
– managers believe in standardization because ihey think it gives them control , that is not true, it creates waste
– targets make your system worse
– you can’t do the wrong thing right
– S.M.A.R.T.: why not D.U.M.B
– we are now using the brain not to survive in the system but the
– three things every manager needs to know about targets
* targets make things worse always
* there is no reliable methods for setting a target
* when you use measures derived form the work, in the hands of the workers doing the work: you achieve a level of improvement you never dreamed of setting of a target (that is agile all the way)

– people work harder but are less stressed (mm,watch out for an update on my agile with kids post for more on that.)
– when you change the system, their behavior changes
– have you ever seen a 5 years plan to say: we are getting worse
– you can’t get rid of waste, without knowing what causes it
-we need human solutions to human problems