David Hussman: Adding Sanity to Your agility


Nice talk from David Hussman
Great quotes:

  • A skeptic wants to learn: a cynic has lost hope.
  • When estimates become promises, fear comes to live.
  • a daily assassination
  • After explaining for the sixteen time what a story point is, I thought was is the point…
  • Listen to your customer, don’t always do what they say(Alan Cooper)
  • How long does it take for an agile team to find their groove: 4 iterations. (Ward Cunnigham)
  • he explains ways to use red and green cards similar to referee cards
  • the agile mountain
  • the only code that has no bugs is no code
  • it was a social norm to lie to each other: did you test that? “yeah I tested that”
  • When you break up the rolling stones, you don’t get 5 super band, you get a bunch of old guys…

I started to create the blog post this the talk before I heared the whole talk, why? because I trust David.