Announcing the European Bootcamp 2010 for September

Warning: sales pitch ahead… 😉

After read Software for Your Head (or better trying to read the book the second time) I wanted to go to a McCarthy Bootcamp.

The only BootCamps they had at the time were in the States. Flying to the states made the course a lot more expensive for me. Nevertheless, In 2005 I went to a one. It turned out to be a triple one. (3* 20 people getting trained.) It had a big impact on both my professional and personal life.

I liked it so much, I started to organize them myself in Europe. In November 2007 I organized the first European Bootcamp. Although I had some challenges to organize it. (Jim got a heart attack just before the training), the training was a succes. So much that the next few European bootcamps organized themselves.

In 2009 I focussed on consultancy and this year I got a few request to reorganize a European bootcamp.
Today I’m announcing the next European McCarthy Bootcamp.

From 5 September till 10 September in Cromac France

If you are interested, hurry up as some people have already find out through the website, before I even announced it.

I guess my Core protocol article for Methods and Tools has something to do with it. Thank you Franco.