Leadership Game V 4.02

Today at XP2010, I will be playing our leadership Game.
Special for this conference, I created a new version of the game.

The leadership Game V 4.02.

This version is now a zip file containing 16 different pdf files.

This makes it a lot easier for trainers that want to print only the documents for the players.

The version also contained a first translation of a PairCoaching text.

Based on different feedback, I have updated the discription of the game, so that it is easier to lead the game for people who have never done this before.

(Although I strongly advise you only play the game if one of the trainers has already played the game.)

The game is available as creative common 3.0 Atribution Share Alike, see leanpub link below

Feel free to join the agile games group

Update:I added the Agile Games google group and the GameStorming Book to the game
UPDATE 2013/07/02: since today the book is available (for free) on @leanpub: leanpub.com/theleadershipgame