Perfection game of SUG Bordeax (Part III)

As promissed I also write a perfection game of the evening itself.


I give the Scrum User Group Bordeaux (11 May 2010) meeting an 8 out of 10.


What I like about the meeting is that

-There is a vivit community

– that it happens inside a company that brings new people to the community

– there were lots of people from this company.

– there was a game.

– I knew at least one person

– I had no problem connecting with other people

– very timeboxed and most of the timeboxes where respected.

– An introduction about Philippe to present briefly the scrum community

– An explanaition about scrum gatherings

– time for the sponsor (important to find new sponsors)

– drinks at the end

Respect for the families of the people joining (sustainable place)

– I could put my kids into bed after the meting

– I found the location quickly (thanks to a great co-driver)


To give it a ten:


– Have 1 meeting every month:

– have a 15 minute introduction to scrum every time

– have every introduction done by another ‘expert’, to learn more people presenting scrum and hear multiple views

– me being able to not feel guilty when leaving a user group early