Getting out of your comfort zone

John’s session at ACCDE10 about leaving your comfort zone was the right session at the right time for me.

I like getting out of my comfort zone. To hear that so many coaches (all?) have that experience was already a good insight (It also made me realize the opposite is true for a lot of the people I coach)

Moving with my family to Bordeaux is really going outside of my comfort zone.

(And even much more for my kids, my partner and our family then it is for me.)


I know that me getting out of my comfort zone is related to being one of the youngest kids of my class and related to the experience I had when I burned down my parents house.

(Come to my session with Robin Dymond at Agile 2010 if you want to know more about that experience.)


Talking with so many coaches about this was a real eye opener.

Especially as I had been thinking about the subject as the result of my gestalt course and our family move. Thank you John for organizing this and everyone else that interacted.


statements I remember:

1) Getting out of your comfort zone is important for personal improvement
2) When you do experiements as a coach to learn people about this, people might see things differently, because of their earlier experiences.
3) Give people a safe environment so they can learn to push their boundaries.
4) People need to feel safe to move out of their comfort zone.
5) The Safety Zone is bigger then Comfort Zone
6) Stepping out of your Comfort zone increases the size of Safety Zone

7) Staying to long in your Comfort Zone decreases your safe zone.
7) Safety zone != Safe zone

8) Safety zone is perceived


Sometimes we coaches are telling the clients, that their safe zone no longer exists.

People might not get the message and be angry at us. (They think we are the problem) Where in fact we are only the messenger.

The trick is to have games or workshops that people realize

A) their safety zone no longer is a safe zone

B) We can help them finding a new Safety zone that is a safe zone.


It was again nice to see that whatever I’m learning that I can use as a coach I can use as a parent to.

I felt really sorry to leave before the end, but I had a session immediately after it, and there were no breaks in between the sessions.