Perfection game SDC 2010

This week I have presented “Tips to create a self-organizing team” at SDC 2010.

I loved the conference. I promised the organizers to send them a perfection game. As I think other conferences can learn from this, I’m doing it online.

The rules of the perfection game can be found here:


I give this conference a 7 out of 10

What I liked was:

– the concept of the conversation corner

– The conversation corner looked great

– the name of the conversation corner

– the colored cushions in the conversation corner

– it has grown so much in only two editions

– the nice atmosphere

– great set of speakers with great interaction

– the lack of speakers hideaway place that “forced” the speakers to meet in the conversation corner

– the nice organizers

– the small speech of the major of Götenborg

– the fact he walked around before to see what it was all about

– he talked about what he saw in his small speech

– the different stages

– the openspace agenda with postit’s

– the bookstore

the birthday song for Diana

Diana being able to deliver a keynote after the song

– the different speakers mentioning each others talks

– the fact that already now a lot of the presentations are available for download

pictures where taken

– my room had a clock at the end so it was easy for me to know how I was doing timewise

– the quality of the people helping out in my “presentor” room to help me setup my stage (computer, microphone, water, counter etc…)

– doc giving out facilitators patterns and anti-patterns carddeck

– quality of the slides of the presentations I saw

To give it a ten it would need to change this

– the conversation corner would not be cut of from the rest of the space (break down the wall)

– the fishbowl sessions would have been real fishbowl’s instead of panels

– more diversity of the food at the dinner tuesday night (only one possibility)

– more diversity in drinks at breaks (water and coffee is not enough for me)

– more clarity about the Tuesday evening session of Kent Beck

– less twitter and more interaction in the rooms

– have an offline twitter wall like in xp Days benelux

– have a bookstore that accepts (foreign?) Visa cards.

– ask authors upfront about books that link to their presentation (to sell in the bookstore)

– encourage participants to interacted more with eachother (by doing some kind of game)

– have a track for agile games

– make sure that different speaker talking about a similar talks are not scheduled at the same time

– ask speakers of similar talks to do them together (to create interaction on stage and lead the audience by example)

– find topics that speakers don’t agree on, and create a panel/fishbowl on that

– let participants propose topics for talks

– the pictures would be online quickly after a session is finished

– have a timer counting down for each presentation, so every presentor saw how much time he still had without having to remember the end time

– add twitter names to speakers info

– If I had received logo of the conference so I could use it in my slides.

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