Agile Retroflection Of the Day Version 3

On the 1st of January of 2010 I launched the Agile Retroflection of the Day initiative.
Instead of waiting until I had the perfect idea, I launched it right away and I wanted to change it based on the feedback I got.
The feedback I heard most, was that "the rules" were to complicated.

So this is Version 3. An attempt to make it simpler. A big kudos to Deborah and Mike for helping me with doing that. 

-I tweet the retroflection question on Twitter in the morning
-You use the question (for yourself, at work, with others)
-Write down your story of how you used the question / what happened
– send me a tweet or email with
   – where you have written your story (blog, tweet, comment, etc)
   – your suggested "next question". Open ended questions are preferred, using "what" "how", etc,  not yes/no answers or questions with "why".
-I (re) tweet the link to your story.

Update: on 24 may 2011 an iphone app was released with questions of 2010