Agile Retroflection Of the Day 2.0

On the first of January I started the agile retroflection of the day series.

You can read about the original idea here. We are less then one week far and I’m already writing about version 2.0. (who says we can’t upgrade in production? 😉 )

Update: Version 3 was just published

Yesterday Simon assumed that only one person was allowed to write down an opinion. That is not true. I actually would love to see multiple people writing about the same topic on the same day. I have been thinking about launching multiple opinion threads. I am afraid if I create more then one threat that one of them would die because persons would always know someone else was also writing about it.

While I was thinking about this, a crazy idea came to my mind. Why not create a male and a female answering thread.
I’m one of these men that promotes women working in agile. (to not get sidetracked on why, I promise to write about why later.)

So these are the new rules:

  • you have been asked and you want to write about the next topic (you don’t know yet what it will be). Tell the requester ASAP if you want to do it or not (if you know someone else ask that person.)
  • At the beginning of your day
    • read my tweet to know the retroflection of the day (I don’t send it by e-mail)
    • Ask a same sex person if he/she wants to answer the next one.
      • do this ASAP as this will help you finding someone else in time. When that person can’t do it tomorrow.
      • If it is Friday that is even more important so that we can warn both the Saturday and Sunday person (the hardest days to find someone)
      • Send me an e-mail with who has accepted it. With his/her e-mail twitter account, blog link
    • Blog your answer
    • tweet a link to your answer to @retroflection.
    • send me at least one retroflection I can add to my pool.

Other then the sex there are no restrictions on who can answer. You don’t need to be a coach. I love to see team members like developer and testers answer these questions. Just like PO and SM’s that are no coaches. (I want to hear much more stories from the trenches)

It’s tempting to start a threat just for these people. I’m not doing that because the people I want to hear, are on a project for a long time, and that might make it hard to select a larger number of different people to respond (yes I know that is judgmental of me)

If you are do have an opinion about a topic and are not selected, please don’t feel restricted. I think it would be lovely to have a lot of people blogging about the same topic. For one it tells it is a great retroflection, so hopefully it encourages more people think about it. And if more people are blogging about it, when people read multiple opinions they even think harder about it.

I from my site will  link the blogs on Delicious and add the people to the Retroflection Opinions list.

At this moment the women are behind a few opinions. Yes I want them to start from the first tweet, this way we have a lot of opinions. And with only 5 opinions to catch up that should happen pretty fast.

Update: On 24 May 2011 an iPhone app was released with the questions of 2010