Agile Retroflection of the Day


On my desk I have a set of cards from FranklinCovey.
Every day I select a new card at random. Whatever the message on the card, I try to make this the motto of my day.

This year, I want to create a similar experience for agilists around the world. That is why I created a Twitter Account for an agile Retroflection of the Day.

Every day in 2010 I will tweet one message to think about in your team, company, life,…
It will be general questions and very specific ones.

I also hope to find an agilist every day that wants to blog his “answer/opinion” to the retroflection of the day.

If you have idea’s, remarks or want to be one of the coaches that blog an answer feel free to mail me at retroflection at

Update: A short chat with Mike Sutton made this idea a lot better.
This is the version One:

I tweet a retroflection.
An agilists writes an opinion on his blog.
He sends me the link to his opinion. He sends me a new retroflection. And the name, e-adres of another agilist that wants to answer another retroflection.
(He has to check this.)
I’m tweeting the link to the opinion.
I add the retroflection to my pool of retroflections

The next day I will tweet a retroflection out of my pool. I will send a link to the new volunteer.
When she posts her opinion and send it to me I will tweet this also and add her retroflection to my pool…

==> UPDATE 2.0 See my newer post for the version 2.0
==> UPDATE 3.0 See my newer post for the version 3.0

I hope you will follow our list of retroflections on twitter.

Update: On 24 May 2011 an Iphone app was released with the Retroflection questions of 2010