Everything you wanted to know about PairProgramming….


This week I got a phone call from a local school. They had an international ICT Day, and one of their speakers cancelled. They wanted to know if I could take over a talk on PairProgramming. With a little tweeking in my agenda, that was no problem.

I have been talking a lot about PairProgramming, mostly as part of other courses.

I saw two challenges for this course:

  1. Keeping students interested is hard.
  2. Talking about PairProgramming is like SEX. You can’t learn SEX from a book, you have to experience it to understand it.

So I created a slidedeck in PresentationZen style, that should help for one.

I requested (and got) another hour, where the students will do Programming in Pair. (should help with challenge 2)

(Oh yes I know books about sex can help you to become a better lover, that is also why I do talk about PairProgramming)

Update: I don’t want to offend people with this title. I was looking for a catchy title to use with students. I’m one of the people fighting hard to have more women in the IT world. This Presentation is in no way ment to make fun of women or see them sex objects. Sorry if I make people now think about sex when talking about PairProgrammin