I finished reading the Agile coaching book

Agile Coaching is the book I wish I had read when I started coaching my first team. While agile is spreading fast, a lot of people take on coaching roles, these people finally have a book to find the answer for their questions.
The book Rachel & Liz wrote is not only good for people new to coaching, as a seasoned coach, I found some new idea’s (Standup Checkov), it refreshed rusted idea’s (ping pong programming), and challenged some other (no comments). This is one of the books I know I will at least skim (probably read) once a year. Liz and Rachel assembled an enormous amount of tips to help you coach (agile) teams.
If you read one book about coaching it should be this one. If you want to read more, you will find in the book the necessary info on where to find more detail about a topic. (Although they have found a way to explain most idea’s at least as good as the original author.) On top of all this, while reading the book, it was as if Rachel and Liz where right beside me to help me with all their experience.
This was a book I was waiting for.

Buy it at the pragmatic programmers site or Amazon.com (Amazon.fr for my French readers)

Update: You can even by a digital version to upload on your kindle if you want.