Improve your sex life using the perfection game…

I have written before about the perfection game and the Core protocols they come from.
During the core protocols session I gave last week in Paris, people asked me can I use this with people that don’t know about the core? IS knowing about the core enough, or should they have been to BootCamp (The 1 week course were people learn to use the core protocols)

Yes you can. Decider, The perfection game, our two examples that work very well with non-booted people. Or people that don’t know about the core protocols.

I use checkin with my kids. I know a few couples that use the core protocols a lot in their relation. There are lots of ways to the core use in a relation.

The example I gave last week was about using the perfection game to make your sex life better.

Before I dive into the example, let me first explain the structure of the game.

The perfection game has 3 steps:

A give a number from 1 till 10.

B Say what you like about it.

C say what could be improved to earn the missing points.

I remark: if you don’t have any practical idea’s on how to make things better you have to give 10.

So let’s give a fictional example of making your sex life better:

Person 1 says to person 2: Will you perfect the sexual action we had today

Person2 says: Yes I will

Person 2: I give it a 7 out of 10

What I liked about it:

  • We both had an orgasm.
  • We tried out a new position
  • It lasted long enough (More then 30 minutes)
  • it did not last too long (less then 2 hours)

To give it a 10:

  • we would have hugged each other at the end.
  • Afterwards we would have fallen asleep naked close to each other
  • you (person 1) would have started
  • the foreplay would have lasted longer

Now person 1 can implement some of the feedback or not.  Also note that person 2 gave 7 out of ten, this means that the “advice” he/she gives is only worth 3 point although he/she gives 4 tips to improve the sexlife of P1 & P2. (It could be the opposite around: only one tip but worth 7 points)