Timebox your team with an hourglass…

During most of my workshops I am using hourglasses.  It works great for facilitated meetings and standups. The different colour hourglasses, all have a different time. F ex the purple one is great for standups as it’s 15 minutes.
Next to that, they also works great to have them in a meeting room.
The rules for a meeting are: anyone that thinks that a discussion in the meeting is taking too long, can select one of the hourglasses and turn it around and tell his co-meeter: let’s discuss this only for this amount of time.

I have hourglasses of

  • 30 minutes (black)
  • 15 minutes (purple)
  • 5 minutes (blue)
  • 3 minutes (yellow)
  • 1 minute (green)
  • 30 seconds (orange)


When the hourglass runs our, the people in the meeting vote together if they want to keep on discussing or go on.

  • Thumbs up ==> go on
  • Flat hand ==> I join the majority
  • Thumbs down ==> let’s move on

Last Monday during another successful GTD/personal kanban course, I got again the question about where I bought them.

These days I buy them at Team Building Shop
You can also buy them from amazon. I use amazon.co.uk

Update: these days I prefer using a timetimer, as that works for anytime