Design Website: Perfection Game

Dear Crowd Wisdommer,

Will you help me with the design of our website? These are the first two examples I got back from my designer.

Which color scheme do you like most?

Will you play a perfection game on it?

  • Rate the design on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is a perfect design.
  • The rating must be supported with critical analysis of a particular form:
  • After saying the score (for example, “I give your design a 7”), the scorer must state the following:
    • Specifically, what about the design was good and what earned the points in the score.
    • Specifically, what the performer must do in the next iteration of the design to be awarded a perfect 10.

    If you can not add anything, you must give it a ten.
    If you can add only a small improvement (in your eyes) you must rate it accordingly

    (You can read more on the perfection game on the website of TheMcCarthy Show, in their book SoftwareForYourHead or listen to their PodCasts

  • Update:
    You can also check out my new version that I call the improvement game and the video version of the original perfection game
    Click here for the picture in Flickr

    Click here for the picture in Flickr

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