Yves Hanoulle

Creative Collaboration Agent.


I believe that IT is mainly about working with people. A skill that can never be learned enough.

Since 2005 I have been working full time helping companies on their agile path.
Sometimes it’s with just a few conversations affirming the path, in many other cases, it’s been long term assignments, catching people when they are doing the right thing.
At other moments giving gently nudges in the right direction
The last years agile has become a buzzword. Great companies thank agile for where they are today. People see the effectiveness of these companies and mistake it for pure efficiency. They want to go agile to do double the work in half the time. This is a claim that is both true and false. Anyone (company, team, person) on it’s way to agility learns to focus.First become more effective and only then do that more efficient. Going faster in the wrong direction, does not help you to arrive faster, let alone be the first.


I speak at agile conferences around the world. Community driven or company events. With my presentations I want to inspire your audience and make them think.
I tell stories from my personal life and invite the audience to translate that to their situation.Most of my presentations are pair presentations. Either with one of my three kids or co-created with a local female speaker.

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I occasionally write collaboration books

As a kid, I devoured books. When I was in a room and there was a book at arm's length, it did not take long before I started to read it. I always knew that later I would write books.

As a community builder I am not interested in writing a typically consultant books
that mostly want to send the message that the author is smart.

Hence I create community books that have the reader in mind. In the Who is agile series,  you meet agilist from around the world and that all answer the same questions.
I also made the manuals from my most successful workshops available, so other people can facilitate them.

My latest book is called “Tips from the trenches”, in it I’m collecting tips for people inside agile teams.
I’m honoured that so many great agilist help out by offering a tip.

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What can I do for you

As a developer since 1996, I work on projects in which I can inspire a team. Being a communicator with a keen interest in group dynamics I have several qualities that are rarely seen in the IT-world.
I am very well-read, have a huge drive and 360° thinking.
In the job of my preference I work as an agile project-coach with multiple teams and at least one distributed team. My main purpose would be: help these teams to learn to deliver a program that makes its user's life easier on time, every time. Delivering trainings would be part of this job. I speak three languages; the language of the user, the language of the developer and the one of the business. Even better, I can explain the point of view of each one to the other two. Combined with my interest in System thinking and group's dynamics that makes me an excellent choice for coaching your international projects.

Specialties: Asking questions, Result Driven teams, Agile Games, Project-Coaching, Scrum, XP, Lean, Kanban, Leadership, Pair-coaching, System Thinking,The 7 habits of highly effective people, GTD, Pomodore, Retrospectives, The Toyota Way, TOC, Agile project management.The Core Protocols, distributed teams, CSP, CSPO, CSM , OKR, Sociocracy 3.0

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