I started working in IT in 1994.
I worked as software support, developer, team lead, trainer, agile coach, change artist, first follower, thought jockey.  These days I call myself Creative Collaboration Agent.
I believe that IT is mainly about working with people. A skill that can never be learned enough.
Yearly I spend 10 to 20% of my revenue on training and books.
Since 2005, I have worked as coach or trainer for Atos Wordline, Agfa HealthCare, The Belgium Post, BritishGas(UK), Cegeka , CERN(CH), Co-Learning, iLean, ING, Nayima, Orange(FR), Octo(FR), One-agency(DataFlow), Openminds, Option, MESware,  Spotify, Test-Aankoop, Touring-Insurance, Tryx, Ultragenda.

You can find details and recommendations on my linkedin profile.
Dropbox helps me with the  pdf download of the latest version of my paper CV

Team startups & retrospectives are my favorite ways to help your team(s).

I give Free Lifetime Support (FLS) on anything I do

Community activities:

 I started the book “Who is agile”  together with a team of 20 people. (This is being translated into Catalan, French, German, Romanian, Russian, Spanish)

I Pair-organized Coach-Retreat’s.

I created a public google calendar for agile conferences. This calendar is maintained by +70 people.

Since 1st of January 2010 we tweeted a daily powerful coaching question on

Now we have a whole team creating these questions. You can add your suggestions in this  webform
In 2011 an iphone / ipad app is created with these questions. This was turned into a free website in 2013  http://www.retroflection.org

At ALE2011 100 t-shirt were distributed by ScrumDesk with one retroflection per t-shirt.

I’m also the creator of the Agile Games Google group,  Visualing Problems Google Group, PairWorking google group.

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My father invented the term PairCoaching, and I used it to promote pairwork. I distribute PairCoaching mugs to spread this idea. All my training is done in pair. If you are looking for a sparring partner for your training, feel free to contact me.
I like to pair with people around the world, even if I don’t know them.

Pairpresenting with Joppe
– In December 2014 I spoke with my 12 year old son at Failing.FWD: homines sums, non dei
– March 2015, Joppe and me did the closing keynote at agileEE 2015. The slides.

I’m helping out as a manager of multiple agile groups on linkedin.

I started to gather Agile Quiz questions to ask during a training or at conferences: http://twitter.com/#!/YvesHanoulle/statuses/28003648719

Other initiatives I started:

When I don’t work as an agile coach helping companies in EMEA, talking at conferences around the world about agile or the core protocols, I’m using agile ideas to raise my 3 kids. (And I use what I learn from them when I work with teams). I can do all of this thanks to the support of my partner Els. Next to occasionally joining me as trainer, she keeps pushing me for a better life/work balance/fusion . Sustainable pace is the agile practise I struggle with the most. ( Extreme delegation combined with trusting the people I work with, keeps my WIP low)
In 2012 I bought a walking desk and do all my “homework” while walking.

In 2014 I translated the book: programming for kids in Dutch and became a CoderDojo Coach.

You can find me on social media as YvesHanoulle

Or call me on +32 476 43 38 32
I read a lot of books. Some of my comments can be found on my kindle profile.
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Inspiration and energy sources: Els, Joppe, Bent, Geike

You might have found me by googling hanouille, anoulle, anouille, Anouilh. The correct spelling is H A N O U L L E.
If you want to know how to pronounce my name: you can listen to this ultra-short video where I say my name

If you want to know more about my personal life, you can check out the new years video’s I’m making since 2007.

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