This is an overview page that shows everyone who has already answered the Who is questions.

If you like the answers please buy the Who is agile book. If you want a second opinion on why to buy the book, check what Johanna says about it.

Lisa Crispin Rachel DaviesRalph Miarka Liz Keogh (Lunivore)Bob Marshall (FlowchainSensei) Oana JuncuDavid Harvey
Johanna RothmanChris Matts Mary PoppendieckJonathan Perret Jutta EcksteinDon Gray Rebecca Wirfs-BrockJerry Weinberg
Esther Derby Gojko Adzic Grant Rule Yves Hanoulle
Mary Beijleveld George Dinwiddie Michele Sliger Dale Emery
Elisabeth Hendrickson Patrick Debois Nicole Belilos J.B. Rainsberger
Linda Rising Vickie Gray Dennis Stevens Lyssa Adkins
Peter Saddington Zuzi Sochova Ola Ellnestam Yvonne van der Laak
Shane Hastie Jenni Jepsen Jukka Lindstrom Carlo Beschi

Pictures were supplied by the people answering the questions except Laurent Bossavit (Willem Van den ende), Ralph Miarka (Yves Hanoulle) and Jonathan Perrot (Olaf Lewitz).

If you were invited for who is and you wonder why I have not contacted you yet, you might want to read the story behind the succes and the problems related with it.

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