One of the things I do as an creative collaboration agent is help out clients to select people for their teams.
As I have been doing this for a while, I decided that I want to group all the techniques I have gather that help selecting people.
Yes I on purpose say techniques, because interviewing a person is just one way of trying to figure out if the other person is a match for the organisation.

 Candidate JoppeAnd when I create a new project, I try to involve as many people as I can. I’m well aware that many of my agile friends and colleagues, have been collecting similar techniques.

Some of you have told me about ideas, I never would have invented myself.
Instead of me adding all these, I invite you to add your idea’s to this book.
yes it’s a book that is created in gdoc. (At some point it might move to leanpub, but right now, I want to make it very easy for everyone to make updates.

So please go to the community tips for hiring book and add your tips and tricks.

Yves tell me what exactly are you looking for? Good question. We added that inside the book also. (That way everyone can update that as well.)
(And I only have to maintain one place.

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