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These are the slides fro my GrowthHacking presentation about hacking my eduction.

I was a busy boy on BarCampGhent.

After my presentation about Self-organizing Teams, I gave another presentation on the use of the Talking Stick.

I learned about the talking stick when reading “The seven habits of effective people” from Stephan R Covey.
It’s a book I give to a lot of people with who I worked with. I’m told it’s starts a little religiously (I did not even notice it…)and it takes a while to go through the first chapters, and after that you only get good idea’s. Talking Stick is one of them.

I use this techniques when I coach teams. This was my first presentation about it.

I used Pseudo-code in my slides to stick to give it a geeky touch for BarCamp.

If you want to learn more from Covey, check out the Belgium Training company

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