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Today I was watching a deck of cards created by Industrial Logic

It made me think of something I had been thinking for a very long time.

In the agile community we use a lot of games.

We have:

I wondered if there was a mailing list for Agile Games. I had been looking before but never found one.  So after a brief check on twitter, I created one myself.

We now have a google group to talk about agile games

In just a few hours already 66 people joined me on the list and are talking about the first agile games they played.
We have a nice diversity of people: people that have created some of these first games, others that are facilitating and even people that never played an agile game but are eager to do so…

People from Argentinia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, UK, US and that is just from the people I know…

All of that thanks to lot’s of people on twitter that retweeted my message.

I hope you join us also

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At XP2010 after I played the 4.01 version of the leadership game, I told someone (sorry I forgot your name, shame on me), I would put a link to the ESSAP video’s.


This one with a part of the explanaition looks like the most interesting (based on the number of hits.). Personally I’m not sure it’s interesting without knowing what happened in this particular game. (You could watch all the other videos to try to understand that,…)

Feel free to tell me if it is of any interest to you…

After the success of the leadership Game on several Xp Days, I have decided to put it available for download.

The version I have put online is the version I will play next Monday at ESSAP (Italy).

Update: ESSAP == European Summer School on Agile Programming

Update 2010: Leadership Game Version 4.01 is available for download

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