Have you ever wished you had your own personal coach in your pocket?
Now you can. Actually, you can have 21 coaches in your pocket. And that for €2.39
Update now available for € 0,79

In 2010, every day a coaching question was twittered by the Retroflection twitter account.

These questions were used by (agile) people all around the world.
You can now buy our IPhone/Ipad app with last years questions.












Buy the app on iTunes.

The 356 tweets of 2010 were created by these people:
@YvesHanoulle, @didierkoc,  @johnmcfadyen, @OlafLewitz, @deborahh, @gdinwiddie, @ToF_@martinheider, @mhsutton, @JerryWeinberg, @flowchainsensei, @gerrykirk, @PaulSloane, @unclebobmartin, @johannarothman, @mheusser, @DianaOfPortland, Els Ryssen, @nomadznu, @John_Gram, @DavidHussman






If you have questions about the app: please contact use via this page.

A big ThAnk you to YAAL for creating the app.

5 Responses to “Coach me”

  1. Olaf Lewitz says:

    Cool! Thanks for creating this, and thanks for letting me be a part of it.
    Who does the money go to?

  2. yhanoulle says:

    Hi Olaf,

    Half the money goes to the creators (yaal) of the software. The other half to making publicity for the app. You have a mail somewhere in your inbox from a few months ago explain this. (Like everyone who wrote questions.)
    In the unexpected occasion we sell “millions” of this app (we can always dream) I will organise a meeting to discuss what to do with the money.

  3. yhanoulle says:

    this app no longer exists. now you can install the app from this website

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