For years my friend Johanna has been pushing me and bugging me and mostly been telling me nicely: yves you should set up a mailing list.
And every time I was convinced, I ended up creating another interactive mailing list to discuss topics I like. Because I preferred interaction over a one way mailing list. Over the years I created these discussion lists.

agile games
Visual problem solving
– Collaboration of topic

Until some time ago, leanpub – my favourite publishing tool- decided to no longer support their mailing feature and integrated mailchimp instead.
And thus I created my first real mailinglist and integrated that with the books I was selling.

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2 Responses to “Subscribe to my mailing list”

  1. Yves, I am so happy you have done this! Congratulations!

  2. thank you Johanna.

    I actually had created it already a month or so ago, but I had not made a subscription page. people could only subscribe through buying a leanpub book.