Yesterday the Belgium program Volt had a small item about the walking desk. (Thank you Renaat Toppets for warning me)


Let’s do a perfection game on the program.

What I liked:

  • I learned about a company that is selling walking desks in Belgium
  • they let people of a callcenter, actually use the walking desk
  • they have multiple people talk about their experience.
  • they ask the physiotherapist the advantages and disavantages of a walkingdesk
  • they made the the health issues from sitting 8 hours clear
  • they compared sitting a lot and smoking


What I would have preferred:

  • They would let multiple people use it for a few days.
  • They make it clear how long the people talking used the desk.
  • Also let people who have are actually users of a walking desk. ( instead of the people who sale the walkdesk)
  • use the word walkingdesk (or treadmill desk) like the rest of the world and not use the local brand name WalkDesk
  • When the physiotherapist talks about the height problem, the height of the walking desk is adjusted, so that the desk is at the correct height for Tatyana.
  • some of the footage shows people walking faster then the minimum speed. I walk almost twice as fast as what they see
  • they use a desk with an electronic lift instead of a manual lift to adjust height.
  • Mark Tijsman would know that although the desk is big, he can have a build-in versions.
  • The computer screens where set up higher.

my experiences about my walking desk, can be found here.




2 Responses to “Tatyana discovers the Walk (ing) desk”

  1. Frank says:

    Hi, Just created my walking desk . also going to order me a Fitbit One .. to keep my goal of 10000 steps a day .. I lost almost 10Kg weight by just changing my way of eating. Now It’s stable but I need to lose more weight. Not only to lose weight, I created my own walking desk, but also to have more exercise (movement) since I have a desk job .. Let’s see if I can hold on .. Your blog is inspiring ..

  2. yhanoulle says:

    thank you.
    Feel free to connect on fitbit. I am only at 5.000 steps today, but I hope tonight I will fix that…