Today I presented the agile and lean mindset at #Scandev

The version I did was version 17  of this talk. (Update at this moment you still see an older version, as it takes slideshare a while to update the slides. Most of the slides are the same, so that is ok)

This version was designed for this conference, but I have given earlier versions at
ALE 2011 (Version5) :I was asked if I wanted to do a talk about a week before the conference
Lean & Kanban Benelux 2011 (Version 7): I proposed this talk to replace a speaker who had a delayed flight, 5 to 10 minutes before this talk was scheduled.
Agile.Net 2011 (Version 9) : after the good experience at LKB11, I was asked to do this as the closing keynote at ADN11.
Keynote of SDC 2011

(All other versions were internal dry run’s. With my kids or at the companies I was working at the time.)

Like with any talk or anything I do, I offer FLS (Free Lifetime Support) on this talk.

(I decided to only have one version of the slides anymore on Slideshare. That way, this page will always show the last version of the slides.)

A video of version 7  is online

2 Responses to “Slides of my “agile and lean mindset” presentation”

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  2. […] Vladimir is one of the people involved in the Agile Manifesto translation project. He was responsible for the Latvian translation. Vladimir was not sure he belonged in the book. I am extremely happy he did accept to be in it. For me “Who Is agile” is about the mindset and not about being a famous agile consultant that has written 27 books. I think when you read his answers you will agree with me that Vladimir has an agile & lean mindset. […]