We wish you a great X-MAS and an energetic 2012.

(The picture below is a video click it too launch it)

5 years ago we had lots of trouble selecting a picture that we would use as a X-MAS card. Selecting one picture out of a few thousand was impossible for us.
We decided to turn this problem into a solution and our first video was born.

This year, we have taken 3.500 pictures. Out of these we selected 221. From these only 65 survived the making of the video. For us, 65 pictures is nothing to summarize our year.

For you, we hope it gives a small impression of our live in 2011.
Update: As we released this video on the 22 December, we missed an important event of our year.

Yves would like to send some special thanks to everyone who helped with the different projects he started over the years.

A special thanks to Lisa Crispin who has supported all my initiatives.

With this video, I hope you now know where my energy comes from.

Also a thanks to the people who indirectly helped creating this video:

PS: all of these project would love to welcome new volunteers

Update: With risk to spoil some of the magic, we selected this song because Bent school selected this song to sing at his first communion. (Which happened this year)
See here a link that inspired our school

24 Responses to “We wish you an energetic 2012”

  1. Lisa Crispin says:

    Thank you, I feel quite energetic after watching your video! What a fun and lovely family!
    Zalig Kerstfeest en Een Zeer Vroolijk Niewjaar!

  2. Jen Browne says:

    Thank you so much! That was brilliant.

  3. Stefan Hanoulle says:

    Wow, Yves! Schitterend werkstukje, en natuurlijk de ideale soundtrack van Coldplay bij de foto’s! MOOI!


  4. yhanoulle says:


    Bedankt. Het was het eerste jaar dat ik het nummer niet beu was tegen dat het nummer af was. Al had dat veel te maken met mijn andere timing van het werk.

  5. Thank you Yves. It was a great year, the year I met you in person right after finally having found out about you :). It’s incredible when I think I haven’t known you before, it doesn’t feel like that at all.

  6. yhanoulle says:

    True, it feels like we know eachother already few years.
    Guess that’s part of agile mindset. You instantly know that you are connected and share a way of thinking…

  7. ToF_ says:

    Thank you for the video. Beautiful, playful and lively! Best wishes.

  8. Diana Larsen says:

    Wonderful! I hope I get to meet your whole family some day. I can see where you get your inspiration and creative thinking..or maybe where they get theirs. What a lovely and animated family! Happy Holidays for you all.

  9. Oana Juncu says:

    Thank you Yves for looking at the world through children eyes and give us such a wonderful lesson of happiness beyond everything. And thank you for ll inspiration you gave to people around you.
    I an very touched that you mentioned me in your list of “contributors” to your projects. I can never be sure that I’m of real use to my family, my friends, my colleagues, my pairs. But as you said so, somehow, “you made my year”

  10. yhanoulle says:

    @Thank you @Tof_ you made me realize I did not mention all the fine people with who I did session with.
    (Which proves again my partner was right, when you start mentioning people you will forget a bunch…)

  11. yhanoulle says:

    @Diana: That’s a great question. Who inspired who’s creativity?
    I’m surely more in touch with my creativity since I have kids.
    My creativity was almost killed by a teacher who taught I was the child with the worst drawing skills in her class, ever. Although that was probably true, I don’t think she realized what impact that her bias had on limiting my creativity.
    It took me a loveling wife, 3 kids, an a whole bunch of coaching and therapy to get back in touch with my creativity and find a way to express it…

  12. yhanoulle says:

    @oana: I made your year? You have pushed me to make sure that our coach retreat attempt is not forgotten and will be replicated in other cities (Bordeaux is next I heared)

    I like the lessons you take out of this video. It was never intented like that (Its “just” a nice review of our year)
    I seem to do more things that have a bigger impact then I realize when I follow my gut feeling..

    Have a look at the list again and try to figure out how many times I mentioned you.

  13. Ralph Miarka says:

    That’s so lovely, Yves. Thank you and your family for this piece of energy for 2012. I wish you all a great and healthy new year and maybe we’ll meet again somewhere 🙂

  14. yhanoulle says:

    Hi Ralph,
    Thank you.
    nice to hear from you again.
    yes I hope we meet again.
    Did you see Deb’s quiz about powerful questions on my blog?

  15. Catoliv says:

    Great! Best xmas card i’ve ever seen! 😀 you guys made me want to be part of your family!
    Wish you all the best.. As we say: may the best of 2011 to be the worst you get in 2012 🙂
    See ya

  16. yhanoulle says:

    Thank you.
    There are multiple options to be part of our family. Unfortunately for you none of them are real.
    >you would have to wait for ages before you can legally marry one of the kids.
    >Although we do consider adoption, we only want to adopt children that actually need help. I don’t think you need much help. 🙂

    I hope you will create a video next year too 😉


  17. Thanks to you and to your family Yves for sharing these lovely impressions! Happy having met you, a great person with an inspiring personality, source of creativity & humanity. Take care, all the best wishes and a happy new year for you and your family!
    – Mike

    ps: promised to create something similar by end of 2012 😉

  18. yhanoulle says:

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for these nice words.
    Great that you will do the same next year..

    Another one bites the dust…


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  21. Hi Yves,

    I loved seeing your video last year! Unfortunately this video is not available in germany – it’s blocked due to music property violation… =:-(
    But seeing all the comments make me more curious to see it, must be awesome! I hope to have a chance to still see it – I’ll try some tricks…

    I wish you and your family all the best for the new year and hope to see you soon again and hopefully we’ll have a chance for a deeper conversation about coaching, I’d like to learn from you!

    Best regards from cologne,

  22. yhanoulle says:

    Hi Thorsten,

    I want to find a way to unblock it. The best way is to have access to Coldplay, but unfortunatly my efforts in that direction have not worked (yet).
    (I knew a person who did the wardrobe at their Belgium concert, but she could not help me to get an e-mail address of their management)
    I tweeted a request to the coldplay twitter account, but I did not get any response either…
    I don’t give up yet.


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  24. yhanoulle says:

    I wrote about my creativity here:www.hanoulle.be/2012/01/perfection-ghost/