Last year at Agile 2011 I walked around and created a booklist together with lots of people. Although this year I decided not to go to the conference, I still want to create a similar list. Last year I had 2 rules:

  • Only one book
  • It can’t be on the list already

This year I add a third one:

Last year their was an implicit rule:

  • You had to be at Agile 2010 to be on the list. (As I walked around)

This year I’m changing that rule to

  • You can only recommend a book until the end of Agile 2011. Meaning you don’t have to be present at Agile 2011 to recommended a book.

I will be building this list online, so you can see it grow. If you want to add a book, just tweet it to me. Here is the list:

Here is the Cover list

If this is not enough, check out Jurgen’s Top 100 list of Agile books based on sales.

15 Responses to “Agile 2011 Booklist”

  1. Paul Boos says:

    This list is awesome!

  2. Leadership & Self Deception – The Arbinger Institute

  3. Scott Duncan says:

    Interesting that Jurgen Appelo posted his Top 100 List the other day and just 18 (as best I can tell) of the titles recommended to you this year and last are on Jurgen’s list.

  4. yhanoulle says:

    Hi Scott,

    That is why I think both list have a reason to exist. 😉

    Of course Jurgen limited the list to agile books, while my list had not such a limit.
    Last year we had a few reading books on the list.


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  10. yhanoulle says:

    if you like this list, you might love our book: who is agile. It contains a list of books agilists were reading this year

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