I have written before about how an ask for help can help any person or any team.
This is a small video I found on youtube that shows the Ask For Help protocol

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  1. […] him. Next to that I think he is also a pretty humble man. On a few occasions I have send him a mail asking for help. In all cases he answered, and he answered quicker than most people I ask for help out of the blue. […]

  2. […] Ask for help The Perfection Game The Perfection Game in French (With piece of “Stairway to heaven” in it…) […]

  3. […] The question I have been asking myself a lot is “What’s next?” I’m not retired yet, but in a way I have been for 10 years. That’s when I became an independent consultant and started working for the toughest boss I’ve ever had — me!! I pretty much do what I want — and that is the definition of retirement for most people ! For me, what’s next is already happening. You know that I love patterns. I have written a few pattern languages and I have been involved in helping others write patterns since the mid-90s. My husband  and I are writing a new pattern language for helping third world development. This is not software development (although it could be!) but sustainable development of under-developed countries. The U.S. has an unfortunate history of appearing in areas that need help, identifying problems, solving those problems (as *WE* see it), then disappearing. The end result is that those countries and those people are worse off than when we arrived. We estimate that writing this pattern language will take the rest of our lives — a good project !You can see the latest version on my web site: lindarising.org. We are working on a web site and wiki to bring others in since we know we cannot do this alone. […]

  4. […] I have been struggling with that for a while (ok, I admit, too long) I asked for help to one of my coaches. Without missing a beat, she said: Yves, not everything is about money. What […]