Family Resources

Saturday morning I as a taxi-resource, drive our family football -resource to his match.
At the same time my co taxi-resource, is bringing our musical-resource to his music class.
While he is in this class, the other taxi-resource goes back to our home and then 30 minutes later brings our gymnastics-resource to the gymnastics class.

Then she goes back home and another 30 minutes later she brings the musical-resource back home. Another 30 minutes the gymnastic-resource is ready to come home.

By that time the football match is over and this taxi-resource goes home or the football resource is brought home by another taxi-resource from a non-colocated football teammember.

In the afternoon we bring to scouting resources to the local scouting, the scouting resources are in fact the same as the football-resource and the musical-resource. (Yet in a different roles so we look at them as another resource.)

Do you like my idea of talking about my family as in resources?

I HATE it. My kids are not resources, neither is my wife or me.

Next time you talk about people as a resource, think about your kids. When you are ready to call your kids a resource, then you can talk about me as a human resource.

(The management version of that line is: when you call your people resources, be prepared they call you management overhead.)







7 Responses to “Family resources”

  1. jfbauer says:

    Interesting perspective … it got me thinking that if my kids are a resource, do I need to compute their TCO and ROI to put into my life business case?

  2. yhanoulle says:

    You mean you have not estimated the ROI before you started with kids?
    Really? How do you know you still want them?


  3. jfbauer says:

    Typical off the cuff no real business case executive management decision πŸ™‚

  4. yhanoulle says:

    another way to react to this is to ask about:
    if they mean “fungible meat based programming units” when people mention resources.

  5. Guy Nachimson says:

    I like this post, it’s much more “in your face” than, for example.
    The last sentence: did you mean “when you are ready to call your kids…”?
    I think I’m going to keep FMPU (fundable meatbased programming units) instead of FTEs from now on…

  6. Meike says:

    Hi Yves. As per your request here’s the community driven list of terms that we can use instead:

    And the backstory:

    Thank you for inspiring me to this with your community work and for offering me this space to share it.

    Stay safe and take care!

  7. yhanoulle says:

    you know that a first follower turns a lunatic into a leader.
    so I should really thank you…