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Quote: A self-organizing system is one where the system structure appears without explicit intervention from the outside system.
Although I love what he says I’m not agreeing with that quote. Not all self-organizing systems are self-created. Not even in this video. Sugata did create the environment in which these things happen.

Like he says himself: it only happens when you have multiple children at computers.

Rules from his finetuning:

– groups of four
– own groups of four
– each group of four can use one computer
– You can exchange groups
– You can go to another group, peer over their sholder, come back to your own group and claim it as your own work

He also says it when he says he is building Sole’s (Self-organizing learning environments)
Let’s say that again: he is building self-organizing (LE).
yep you can create environments where self-organisation takes place.  It’s not rocked science, it still has to be done. That is what I (and my collegue coaches) are doing in the agile world.

Best Quote: “the granny cloud” look at minute 12 for them.

Short interview with Gojko Adzic

Quote: “My background is in delivering software not in developing software.” This says it all. It’s not testers vs developers. 

Gojko & Lisa Crispin are talking tomorrow (2011/02/16) about “Long Term value of Acceptence tests“, it’s a free event from Agile Consortium Belgium.

Yesterday lot’s of people were tweeting about 10 years of Agile. And more specifically about the future of agile.

While I was adding pictures to the 10 years of Agile group. I found this picture back. For me, this kid is the future of agile.

Let me explain why:

I did a leadership game on the last day of Agile 2009. I was asking people if they wanted to join. When I asked this boy he was like: “yeah I don’t know anything about programming”; – Me “nah you don’t need it”. He was still not fully convinced but curious enough to join the game. (My interpretation.)

During the game I saw him grow. People treated him equal and he realized that. When he had a great idea he said it and they listened to him. At the last round when I was looking for 2 process leaders (coaches?) he was one of them. I think quite a few coaches could learn from his coaching style. (At least that is how I remember him.) Although a nice picture, it gives a wrong idea of his style. It looks like he was bossing around while in reality he was explaining an idea.

So why is he the future of agile?

– The future is not some +40 year olds discussing agile
– The future is about collaboration
– The future is about trying something you don’t know
– The future is seeing opportunities and grabbing them
– The future is about listening to the best idea’s and using them no matter who they come from.

And these are ‘just’ my ideas, I’m sure he would have much beter ones.

Update: Now you can read Kevin’s ideas: he started to tweet