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As we did the last 3 years, here is our new years video card for the year 2011.

In 2010 I went to work 10 months in Bordeaux. My family (read my wife) agreed to join me for 6 months. This video contains mostly pictures taken in Bordeaux.

I hope you enjoy looking at the video as much as I had making it.

(This year, I made the video during my lonely evenings in Bordeaux.)

Yves, Els, Joppe, Bent, Geike

Ps Click here for the complete list of our New Years video’s

I have been living for 10 months in France, I’m lucky that people tell me every day about the mistakes I make.
I don’t care making these mistakes, I know this is how I learn.
I hope it shows them that making mistakes is OK.

This great video contains lots of anecdotes I already use when I talking about agile.

– Failures tend to get smaller and success tend to get larger.
– You can not apply a technical solution to a sociological problem.

Here is an older video that  forgot to blog. As an agile coach, I’m using games a lot to teach people. Stuart Brown explains why this is so important.

I wish more C-level people would see this.