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This video was shot by Peter Doomen at XP Days 2010

This video is temporary put of line seems that there were still people on it that wanted not to be seen online.

This is a video of the model that was made in the session Olaf Lewitz and me facilitated at XPDay Benelux 2010. If you listen carefully, you can hear Vera Peeters ringing a bell to announce the last 5 minutes of the session. Thank you Michael for uploading this.

I have been working as a freelance consultant since 1998. Most of the time I have been working through so called third party companies. Working via such a companies has advantages for all parties. Some of the nicest work I have done under the umbrella of other companies. Although there are some charlatans in that world, most are honest and I have nothing against working with them.

As an agile coach, I want to leave a client as fast as possible. My business model is to help a client to become independent of me ASAP. My end clients love this model. The third parties hate it. They are used to selling a consultant for a longer period, 1 client at the time.
For some clients it is NOT in there best interest to have a coach on board full time. This gives a conflict of interest between the third parties and the end client.

From the first of January I am again available for coaching possibilities. After working 14 months outside Belgium, I will focus my work the next year inside Belgium. As I hope to find more clients that are interested in my business model I have created next offer:

– 1/2 day of free coaching


Acceptance criteria:

– First two weeks of January

– Maximum 4 hours free.

– Maximum 100 km away from Ghent

– a new client (if you are an old client, contact me to find an offer targetted at you.)

– until my agenda is full


1) Yves, that sound like a good idea: what will do you in these 4 hours?

Good question: have a look at this list of examples

Retrospective with a team (Preparation, facilitate retrospective, debrief)

– Observe your team (1 hour Preparation meeting, 2 hour observation, debrief)

– 4 coaching sessions Face 2 Face of 1 hour (grouped together)

– 4 * 1 coaching session by phone or chat if your company or you live more then 100 km away from Ghent), these can be scheduled independent from each other.

– Feel free to come up with your own idea.

2) Yves, Will you take all requests you receive?

– As long as I have room in my agenda the first 2 weeks in January I will.

3) How can I contact you?

send a mail to offer at hanoulle .be

4) Will you give an example of a coaching sessions?

CEO of a small company that wants to do a Value Stream map.

– Developers that want to become a linchpin.

– An R & D manager that goes agile and wants to have an outside view of how things are going..

Scrum masters or Product Owners that want to move faster with their team.

– A test manager looking at how agile can help them increase quality.

– Operational manager wondering what this Devops  movement is all about.

– People in charge of Incentive or training programs that want to understand agile.

– anyone in IT that wants to experience how coaching can help him or her.

– …

5) What is not part of the offer?

I don’t offer free training. The closest thing to free training, are my slides on slideshare


A few years ago I created a public google calendar for agile conferences. These days it is maintained by 47 people. If you think your conference is missing,please contact me.
Update: This is the direct link to add it to your google calendars:

Also check out the Google Agile events calendar

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