At Agile Coach Camp Germany 2010, Marc Bless walked around and asked participants: which one book should I read. The result was this list.

As I liked this idea a lot, I did the same at Agile 2010. Only I did not say “what is the one book I should read.” Actually I asked people to give me one name of a book to put on the list. Some people asked me what the list was for (suprisingly not everyone) I gave a diversity of answers to that question (hoping for a diversity in books).

These were some of the answers I gave:

– the one book that I should read
– the one book that everyone in agile should have read
– the one book that changed your life
– the book you think is missing in this list
– …

I only had 2 rules:

– Only one book
– It can’t be on the list already

This is the list they put together:

When I write this blog post, I am very happy about the list, it contains a lot of books I like, it contains books I have sitting on my shelve waiting to read and it contains books I did not know  and look promissing…

And that while I found three book at my clients office today that should have arrived before my holiday and a kindle 3 on his  way to become mine, life is good…

Update: Thanks to JB’s comment  I now have a nicer view to these books:

21 Responses to “Agile 2010 Booklist”

  1. Marc Bless says:

    Thanks Yves, for continuing this work at Agile 2010. Let’s go on with these surveys at conferences and camps.

  2. The one book that is missing from both lists, but that I found the most beneficial, is Alistair Cockburn‘s Agile Software Development – The Cooperative Game, 2nd edition. It explains in large why Agile works, and on which factors to take a closer look. It’s rather long compared to other books, but it’s definitely worth reading.

  3. Great idea Yves!
    I always look for books that people recommend. Great post!
    I agree with Markus, the Cooperative Game was and still is the book about agile I recommend to everybody.

    My other favourite would be ‘The Goal‘ by Eliyahu Goldratt.

  4. yhanoulle says:

    Hey Markus & Nick cool that you add your own books to this list.
    The rules stay the same: add a new book and only one book.

    I will edit the comments and add the book links (I just found out I can edit comments, not sure if it is a good thing, but at least I can add the links.)

  5. yhanoulle says:

    @Marc: If I see a good idea I will use it everywhere (and give credit if I remember from who I borrowed it.)

  6. If you have a (go open one), you could make a list of these books and share it. Highly recommended.

  7. yhanoulle says:

    I have a librarything account and it actually has +500 books on it.
    Actually the book page on this blog shows all the books on my libarything account.

    Great idea.
    I will add the Agile2010Booklist tag to all these books.

  8. Thanks for the list. Here is my personal book recommendation:

    Succeeding with Agile by Mike Cohn

    – marc

  9. Good to see the idea living on. My recommendation would be The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge.

  10. yhanoulle says:

    @Chris this is on my reading list for so long, … Gues I have to start reading it…

  11. Daniel Teng says:

    It is a great list, thanks for sharing.

    I also want to add my favorite, it is a very old and small Chinese book. “Tao Te Ching” (Free online version by Laozi

  12. +1 on for “The Fifth Discipline” suggested by John McFadyen. Since John already suggested it I would add “Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code” by Martin Fowler.

  13. Bachan Anand says:

    Great Idea Yves. I plan to do the same at the Agile Open Southern California event ( planned for this week. Will come back and post the results here.

  14. yhanoulle says:

    Thanks Bachan,

    One thing I did regret from my list, is that I started from scratch.
    I could have started from the original list.
    That way we could create a very big list of unique books.
    Would you be willing to start from my list?


  15. Geoff says:

    This book (and author) changed my (programming) life
    Robert Martin: Clean Code

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  17. […] that blows me away. And Tom deserves a mention as probably the agilist that read most books. When I walked around with my booklist at agile 2010 I think Tom was the only person who know and probably had read all books. Impressed. Oh and Tom is […]