When I started my own company one of the reasons was, I wanted to educate myself more then the average company would let me do. I set my goal to spend between 10% and 20% of my revenu (not profit) on educating myself. For this I am traveling the world to learn from the best.
Next to all the conferences I went to, I was in training classes from Joseph Pelrine (Csm), David Hussman(Coaching), Jeff Patton(csp), Robin Dymond(csm), Mike Cohn(user stories + Agile Planning), Rachel Davies (retrospectives), Emmanuel Gaillot(Retrospectives), Vera Peeters, Pascal Van Cauwenberghe, Jim and Michelle McCarthy(Core Protocols), Dr Covey sr(seven habits), Dr Covey Jr(the speed of trust).
(sorry if I forgot your name).
I also did a 1 year training on leadership and a two year training on Gestalt therapy. I try to read 30 pages a day. (that is harder since I have kids).

I even did a Prince2 training, to understand it better.

Of course I also learned a lot of PairCoaching together with people like Ignace Hanoulle, Els Ryssen, Jim & Michele Mccarthy, Paul Reeves, Victoria Gray, Pascal Van Cauwenberghe, Vera Peeters, Johan Peeters, Xavier Quesada, Joke Vandermaele, Jef Cumps,Tiago Garcez, Michael Sahota, Deborah Preuss, Ralp Miarka, Jurgen De Smet, Robin Dymond, Philippe Launay. (I limited this list to agile people)

If my clients are happy that is because of these people. These were all courses I have selected.

And I do have more ideas:

Aye conference (when they organize it when I can go without missing my son’s birthday)

Innovation Games





Appreciative inquiries

Improvisation theater

Mastering the requirements workshop


Finish my gestalt therapy course

People I wish to follow at least a one day workshop from:
David Anderson, Alistair Cockburn, Lisa crispin, Esther Derby,Jutta Eckstein, Henrik Kniberg, Alexey Krivitsky, Diana Larsen, Tom and Mary Poppendieck,JB, Johanna Rothman, Jean Tabaka, Mateo vaccarini

These are the agile trainers and techniques I could come up with in 5 minutes.

I know I have forgotten a lot that I would add if I think longer, but that is not my point, I believe very much in you don’t know what you don’t know and in open communication, customer collaboration. Will you tell me what course you think I’m still missing? What is the course you love or can’t afford to go to?Where do you want me to spend money on?


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  2. I think Elisabeth Hendrickson’s Agilistry Studio is another addition to your courses. Here is a link to her webside: http://www.agilistry.com/

    Jon Bach recently wrote his experience from his visit:

  3. yveshanoulle says:

    Thanks Markus. You are correct, Elisabeth should have been on my list.

    Alan Cooper wrote another blogpost about the same week.
    I really wanted to be part of the team that week.


  4. Olaf Lewitz says:

    you remember the Lego thing I presented at AgileCoachCampDE10? You should consider adding StrategicPlay to your portfolio. It’s an amazing method using Lego to build tangible, movable metaphors of complex systems to have a playful, risk-free way of exploring strategies, realise the outcome of what-if-scenarios and to do team constellations. and that’s only the beginning…
    If you can read German (if not, look at the amazing pictures), I blogged about my StrategicPlay facilitator training here:
    And for further information, there is a community on Ning you might consider to join with other practicioners:
    Have fun, share, and stay curious!

  5. yhanoulle says:

    Thank you Olaf fo reminding me.
    Yes Serious play is on my list as well

  6. Great post. Thanks for sharing. Feel like I need to build my own roadmap.

    Consider adding Artful Making with Lee Devin was very important for my growth – using Theatre Technques for building collaboration. My experience: http://www.agilitrix.com/2010/03/artful-making-workshop-with-lee-devin/

  7. yhanoulle says:

    Your posts keep reminding me of a good mindmap training. I have read about it, and I am still bad at it…

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