This are the slides from my presentation at AgileTourToronto.

My intention with this talk was to remember my fellow agilists about a lot of the different ways todo retrospectives. Most of the examples come from one of the books on retrospectives. My slides are done presentation zen style, which means they don’t contain a lot of text. When people asked me about hand-outs, I pointed them to the Agile Retrospective book from Esther and Diana. That is a way better hand-out then I could ever make.

I struggled a bit with finding a nice team charter to show. That a feedback I got. So I struggled some more when waiting for my plane home. And then I reviewed some slides about leadership from Deborah Hartman Preuss. I was reading a piece of text I new for a few years. And then lightning struck. That text was one of the best Team Charters I knew.
See slide 14 for the text.

Update: Some people seem to have trouble seeing the presentation in their RSS Reader. Here is the link to the slides on slideshare

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